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Automatic Multi Brush Cleaner

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Product Description

  • 🌟 Newest Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

    • ✨ New design with multifunctional use and sonic vibration for deep cleaning.
    • 🚀 Effectively removes dirt without compromising the shape and softness of your makeup brushes.
    • 💰 Cleans up to 95%, giving your brushes a fresh feel like new – a time and money saver!
  • 📏 Fits Any Size Makeup Brushes

    • 📐 Measures 6.1 inches high and 3.74 inches wide for versatile cleaning.
    • 🔄 Recommended for 2-4 small to medium brushes in automatic mode; larger or unique brushes can be cleaned manually.
    • 🧴 Use makeup brush cleaning solution for optimal results.

    • 🎛️ Choose between automatic and manual modes for convenience.
    • 🔄 Dual-mode operation (cleaning and drying) with a large capacity for multiple brushes.
    • 🔄 Top silicone catch with 2 options: front insertion for storage and reverse insertion for drying.
  • 🌺 Creating Healthy Skin

    • 🕒 Reduces cleaning time by half compared to manual methods, promoting flawless skin.
    • 🔄 Regular use ensures clean brushes and eliminates worries about skin problems.
    • 🧑‍⚕️ Professionals recommend cleaning makeup brushes every two weeks.
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