How Can We Help you to Scale in the UAE Market?

No Need to Get Business Registration or Buy Inventory

Unlike traditional drop shipping models, you don't need to invest in purchasing inventory upfront or need any business registration to work with Zambeel . This means you can operate with lower financial risk and more flexibility.

Wide Range of Exclusive Product

We offer a vast selection of products that can be shipped on the same day they are ordered, giving your customers exceptional speed and convenience.

Direct Sourcing From China

For people who want to import from China, We provide assistance and guidance in sourcing products from China, leveraging our expertise and network to ensure quality and reliability.

Data Insights to Find Winning Product

Members of our gold subscription get an exclusive dashboard to find out about products with high delivery ratios, less saturation and those having winning potential.

Weekly Payment Guaranteed

We process all reseller payments on weekly basis so that you can manage your cashflows more efficiently.

Order Confirmation Service

If you can't confirm your orders, dont worry, Zambeel can do it for you! For a minimal 3 AED per order, we will confirm all your orders before dispatching them so that you can sit back and relax. This service only for Gold Members

Above 75% Delivery Ratio for COD Orders

Our efficient logistics and fulfillment processes ensure a high delivery success rate, minimizing delays and enhancing customer satisfaction.

24x7 Whatsapp Support Group

For our gold subscription members, we have exclusive whatsapp groups with them for 24X7 support and help them resolve their issues with our expert team on urgent basis.

How Can You Work With Zambeel in UAE?

Sign Up

Sign up by clicking on the button below.

Receive Whatsapp Message

Once you share your details, you will get a message from our automated support number on your Whatsapp.

Explore all the Menu in that chatbot to know everything about us.

Did not receive a message? Send us a "Hello" on: +971561436097

Store Integration

Once you get the whatsapp message, please integrate your shopify store with Zambeel

Store Integration is given on the Whatsapp Chatbot in
"Integrate your store/Send orders to Zambeel"

Select Subscription Plan

After filling out your bank details and contact information on the zambeel shopify app you will be subscribed to our free plan automatically.

To upgrade the subscription plan, select the relevant plan on our shopify app to get maximum benefits out of Zambeel.

See: Subscription Plans

List Products

Sign in to zambeel website with the link provided to you on our shopify app.

Go to Products and select any product you want to list on your own store with the correct SKU Code.

Sending Orders to Zambeel & Order Tracking

To know how to send orders to Zambeel, please access the "Integrate your store/Send orders to Zambeel" section on the whatsapp chatbot and see the provided video.

Once we receive your first order through zambeel shopify app, we will share the Portal credentials with you where you can track your orders.

FAQs for UAE Market

Q: How can we get complete understanding of Zambeel processes?

To understand end to end Zambeel processes i.e. what does Zambeel do, how can you work with us etc. please watch the below videos on our YouTube channel

or you can contact us on below Whatsapp Support Number +971561436097

Q: In how many days does Zambeel deliver the order to our customers?

Zambeel purchases products from all over the world and stores them in its warehouses across the UAE. After we receive your order, we pick and pack the product and ship the order to your customer. Our express logistics enable us to deliver all across the UAE within 2-3 working days of placement of the order.

Q: Does Zambeel provide order confirmation service in UAE market?

Zambeel does not provide FREE order confirmation service in the UAE market. Its a paid service only available for the Gold Plan members.

You can use your Local whatsapp number for order confirmation because so many nationalities live in the UAE, customers do not bother whether you use UAE number or not.

Q: What are the Shipping & Fulfillment charges?

We have the ability to provide  world-class operations at a very competitive fulfilment and shipping cost to our customers:-

Shipping Cost: 13 AED/order

Fulfilment Cost: 5 AED/Order

Total Cost: 18 AED/order (up to 3Kgs)

Q: How Zambeel will calculate my charges?

 We will deduct the product, fulfillment and shipping costs from the cash collected and remit the balance to you in a weekly payment run.


Customer selling price: 170 AED

Product wholesale price at Zambeel: -100 AED

Fulfillment and shipping cost: -18 AED

Profit to be transmitted: 52 AED

Q: When will my profit/payment be transferred into my account?

We run a weekly payment cycle. All your orders that are delivered till Thursday 6 pm, will be invoiced after deducting Zambeel product cost, delivery & fulfilment charges.
1) Invoices are shared on Friday evening after 6 PM
2) Payment is made on Monday after 7 PM.

Q: A customer placed the order but the order could not be successfully delivered. Or the customer refused to accept the delivery. Will I be charged for delivery in such cases?

If the customer confirms the order our delivery team will make multiple attempts to complete the delivery. If the delivery is unsuccessful after three attempts, we will cancel the order and charge you 5 AED against fulfilment, because the cost of making the delivery has already been incurred.